Custom Clothing Affiliate

Harper + Hudson Co is offering a limited amount of Affiliate reps to offer great custom clothing and get paid for doing it!

  Remember you get your own Affiliate Partner links so no need to build a website! You get your own dashboard to track all sales and payments 24 hours a day!  And No Crazy contracts or startup fees! 

Fill out the form below and one of our affiliate managers will get in contact with you to discuss options with you.

WHAT ARE THE NEXT STEPS? Step #1 – Apply & Be Notified Of Acceptance Within 72 Hours

#2 – Get Your Affiliate Links & Schedule Your Promotion Steps

#3 – Start Getting Paid LIFETIME COMMISSIONS By Promoting Any Of Our Proven Styles and Brands

#4 – Email if you need help and our Partnership Manager Will Get In Touch!

How easy it is to become a Harper + Hudson Co Affiliate Partner.

EXACTLY How We Maximize Your Commissions BEFORE & AFTER The Sale-Master Sequence, Every customer, lead, and “2 step form” abandon cart goes through what we call the “Master Sequence”. This means that for 12 days, we will take them through an epic, engaging, story based journey in their email through the multiple offerings of Harper+HudsonCo. Paying you commissions for just about ANYTHING they buy.  Sticky Cookies Because of our advanced browser “Sticky Cookie” process, once someone has opted in OR purchased through your affiliate link, you will earn LIFETIME commissions on just about ANYTHING they buy. That means they could Opt In for a Custom T, then buy a Hat and Sweatshirt a week later because of the “Sticky Cookies” you would still get paid for letting us do the work for you! 2 Step Order Forms-Every single one of our offers has what we call a “2 Step Order Form”. That means we’re sticky cookie-ing, on average, 3 people as a contact on your behalf for every 1 that buys! That means your 4x more likely to get paid for something they buy later even if they didn’t convert right away! Remember, the Master Sequence is your best friend 😉  Lifetime Commissions on your client who opted in on your affiliate link. We are OBSESSED with keeping our customers and treating them well. This is AMAZING news for you. With one of the most highly engaged group of raving customers on the planet, you know your commissions will keep pouring in because we obsess over keeping the customers you work hard to bring in. This results in a massive income paying you every single month.

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